Registration Forms may be obtained by mail, phone, fax or online. All prospective students are obliged to complete and submit Registration Form. Preparatory to admission, each potential student will be evaluated by the Program Director to determine the students suitability for the course. All on-line applicants must ensure that they have prove of a high school completion Certificate or current college transcripts. Consistent with State laws, each prospective student will undergo a Criminal Background Check which is done on each student free of cost by the school.


  • Registration and Evaluation Fees (applicable to tuition) – $50
  • Books, folders & materials cost Free
  • Tuition, Lab and Clinical Fees – $645
  • TOTAL Cost – $695




All fees are payable in advance. Payment plans are also available, but at least 50% of the tuition is due on the first day of class. Any student employed in a long-term care facility e.g. a nursing home within 1 year of completing the NA training course is eligible under State law for full reimbursement of training cost and testing expenses. All complementary courses including First Aid, CPR, AED Training, Fundamentals of Care Giving, HIV/AIDS Training Certificate, Nurse delegation for NA and Diabetics, Food Handling, Care Giver dementia Specialty Training Certificate are offered separately at a cost in the school.