American Healthcare CNA School is a licensed educational institution providing courses leading to qualification as Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). We offer 96 hours (4 to 6 weeks) of tuition and clinical skills in our classroom Laboratory and external skilled practical settings. Each student is required to have a Two-step TB test done prior to clinical rotation, this can be done by the student at their preferred location before classes begin or by a Registered Nurse in the school for $20 per shot. Tuition and clinical skills include textbooks and laboratory fees. Each student on commencement of the CNA program is assisted to obtain a Nursing Assistant Registered License (NAR) from the Department of Health if needed, and on successful completion of the program receives a CNA certificate of completion that enables the student to sit for the State CNA Exams. We also offer allied courses including First Aid/CPR/AED training, Fundamentals of Care Giving, HIV/AIDS Training Certificate, Nurse Delegation for NA, and Nurse Delegation for Diabetics, Food Handling and Care Giver Dementia Specialty Training Certificates. Even with the current economic downturn, the demand for health care personnel including CNAs is relatively high. Registration for the course is simple and could be done online, mail or fax. Fees are moderate and highly competitive. Students have a choice of attending day or Weekend classes. Students on successful completion of the course are offered job placement opportunities under a network arrangement with employment recruiters.