About Us

American Healthcare CNA School is a licensed educational institution providing courses leading to qualification as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). We offer 96 hours (3 to 6 weeks) of tuition and clinical skills in our classroom, laboratory and external skilled practical setting. Each student is required to have a Two-step TB test done prior to clinical rotation. This can be done by the student at their preferred location before classes begin. Tuition includes textbooks and laboratory fees. Upon completion of the CNA program, students receive a CNA certificate of completion that enables them to sit for the State CNA Exam. We also offer combined courses including: CPR, Fundamentals of Care Giving, HIV/AIDS Training Certificate, Nurse Delegation for NA, and Care Giver Dementia Specialty Training Certificates. Even with the current economic downturn, the demand for health care personnel including CNAs is very high. Registration for the course is simple and can be done online, by mail or by fax. Fees are reasonable and highly competitive. Students have a choice of attending day or weekend classes. On successful completion of the course students are offered job placement opportunities under a network arrangement with employment recruiters. Our Core Basic & Adult Family Home Training will prepare you for an array of opportunities offered to a certified home care aide. You will be trained to deliver home care for clients in adult family home environments and assisted living residency settings or work independently in clients private homes. Home care aides are valuable members of the health care community and are relied on to help clients with activities of daily living. Home care aides are trained to assist clients with activities of daily living such as walking, bathing, dressing and oral hygiene. The home care aide may be asked to assist with quality of life activities such as planning and preparing meals, shopping, light house cleaning and driving the client to appointments. Moreover, Basic Core & Adult Family Training will prepare you to provide care to an array of medical and mental illnesses. You will gain a full understanding of patient rights, and instruction on how to handle emergency and safety situations. We are a Washington State approved 70 hour training course which is required to register and test for the Washington State Home Care Aide Certification. As of January 7, 2012, Long Term Care Workers who are not otherwise exempt must meet the following training and certification requirements:
  • 70 hours Core Basic training
  • 5 hours of orientation and safety
American Healthcare CNA School can open up a whole new world of career opportunities for you in just 3 weeks.