Build Your Career with CNA Continuing Education in the Greater Seattle Area

Build Your Career with CNA Continuing Education in the Greater Seattle AreaStaying on top of the latest science and building skills beyond CORE Basic classes are essential to a successful CNA career. Our high-quality school offers a range of affordable CNA continuing education classes for both renewal of required certifications and for career growth. To make it easier for our students, courses are typically held in a single-session on weekdays.

BLS CPR/AED for Adults, Infants & Children

An approved certificate course, home care aides are trained in basic adult, child and infant lifesaving skills including CPR/AED and the use of automated defibrillators. Presented in one 5-hour session, students receive a record of completion, and certification is valid for two years.

Nurse Delegation Core/Diabetic

In Washington State, the Nurse Delegation Program allows nursing assistants to perform specific tasks in certain settings. Administration of prescription medications including insulin injections, blood glucose testing and other tasks normally performed only by licensed nurses can be performed by CNAs with this certification. A registered nurse delegate (RND) must provide nursing assessments of the patient’s condition, then teach and supervise the nursing assistant to determine his/her competency. The objectives of this 4-hour course are to establish consistent standards of practice, reinforce the RND role in training and supervision of delegated caregiver support, provide authority for RNs to make independent professional decisions, and protect the public in community-based and in-home care settings. Course materials review and amplify the typical skill sets required for an RND to perform tasks to be delegated.

  • Set basic expectations for nurse delegation process
  • Determine the competency of nursing assistants
  • Check credentials of delegated caregivers
  • Determine if task is able to be delegated
  • Make supervisory visits to evaluate, modify & retrain
  • Establish monthly evaluation of caregiver competency
  • Complete forms:
    • Delegated nursing task(s)
    • Nursing visit history
    • PRN medication
    • Medical order changes
    • Assumption & recission

Students must complete the practice exercises in the workbook, and the course can be used toward the required 9 hours of annual CNA continuing education credits.  Once enrolled, you must obtain the training materials and student resources from American Healthcare and test with us. It’s important to obtain the training materials before scheduling your test date.

***Note: This course is an English-only presentation as required by DSHS, although ESL dictionaries may be used. Interpreters cannot assist with testing.

Mental Health Care Training

Our high-quality school offers a range of affordable CNA continuing education classesThis course explores four common mental health disorders, developing students’  understanding of depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and anxiety. As the RND, you’ll develop the skills to describe the main symptoms of major mood and thought disorders, and understand the treatment options prescribed by the physician. You’ll learn about outcomes, identify common myths and misinformation about aging, learn of common myths and misinformation about mental illnesses, and be taught to differentiate between myths about aging and symptoms of mental illness. Increasing the home care aide’s ability to intervene early and resolve the underlying issues of aggressive behavior increases the stability and safety of the patient and improves the mental health of all involved.

This CNA continuing education course teaches students to provide culturally sensitive care and utilize respectful and non-judgmental communication. As the RND supporting the home care aide who’s completed a CNA training program, you’ll be prepared to utilize methods and tools to handle challenging behaviors. The training you’ll receive involves identifying de-compensation and relapses in your patient, practicing de-escalation do’s and don’ts related to aggressive behavior, and training in crisis suicide intervention. Unfortunately, suicidal thinking and behaviors are common, and caregivers need to know the appropriate responses to maintain safety while supporting the patient’s rights.

Dementia Care Specialty

This 6-hour, single-session module developed by Washington State is required for caregivers and health care practitioners providing care to individuals with dementia and living in boarding or adult family homes. Dementia is one of the four most common mental disorders of the elderly, and this training provides methods and tools to support both the RND and the home care aide who has completed CNA training. You’ll gain comprehensive knowledge of the effect dementia has on the patient and the caregiver, and learn to address the challenges of managing aggressive and violent behaviors. The course explores how dementia can impede communication between patient and caregiver, and teaches how to establish meaningful interaction, differentiate between hallucinations and delusional episodes, and effectively assist the dementia client with activities of daily living (ADLs).

Advanced CNA Continuing Education

American Healthcare CNA School delivers quality Certified Nursing Master important skills with BLS, nurse delegation, mental healthcare & other affordable CNA continuing education in the Seattle area.assistant training and continuing education courses in an affordable and flexible format for adult learners. We’re a licensed educational institution dedicated to high standards of classroom learning and clinical skills practice, guided by experienced teachers and extensive student support. Tutoring and exam practice is included. Contact us today to learn more about our CNA continuing education for nursing assistants and RNDs!


Orientation and Safety Training (5 Hours)

Orientation and Safety Training is an Introductory course for new employees in long-term care settings.
this course is a WA DSHS approved for 5 hours of Orientation and Safety Training.

Course Credit: 5-hrs of Orientation and Safety Training
Duration: 5 hours
Delivery Method: On- Demand (Self-Paced) eLearning
Intended Audience:Newly hired non-credential LTC workers who:

  • need this required training for their HCA training certification
  • require training on long-term care prior to beginning any work

Prerequisites: None

HIV/AIDS Training

Enroll in our self paced, self-study and completely online HIV/AIDS training classes with duration from 1 up to 7 hours. the course is developed by a qualified specialist who possesses a certification in the field of infectious diseases.

the training provided by AIDS Awareness Class has educational purposes only and the content is developed in compliance with OSHA standards and covers the continuing professional development (CPD) and continuing professional education (CPE) requirements. This program is widely recognized within the United States and is acceptable by states, courts, employers and other entities which allow distance learning.

Upon completion of this course, you will have increased your knowledge of HIV/AIDS in order to better care fkor your patients. Specific learning objectives to address potential learning gaps include:

  • Discuss the etiology and epidemiology of HIV in the United States and in Washington State.
  • Summarizee the factors and risks for transmission of HIV in general and among healthcare workers in particular.
  • Identify preventive and control measures for HIV/AIDS.
  • Explain confidentiality and legal reporting requirements in Washington State.
  • Summarize the psychological issues associated with HIV/AIDS.


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