CORE Basic CNA Training Near SeaTac: What You’ll Learn

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Although you may attend a different education and training program than other certified nurse assistants or CNAs, you’ll all be assigned a similar course of study. CNA schools generally require students to attend classroom lectures and lab sessions led by instructors. CORE Basic CNA training is a cornerstone of every approved program. Discover what’s covered, plus what else you can expect to learn.

Hands-On Patient Care

As a CNA, you’ll play a key role in helping your patients with everyday tasks. Students receive training on how to assist others with physical activity that covers everything from hair combing to getting out of a chair safely. That includes keeping yourself physically safe as you bend, lift and stretch.

Basic Health Assessment Skills

CNAs support their patients’ overall health by contributing important information to medical records. Coursework includes anatomy and physiology. Based on your new knowledge, you’ll learn how to take patients’ vital signs like measuring pulse, respiration, blood pressure and temperature and practice recording this data according to accepted standards.

Professional Skills

Students leave their CNA program with a strong understanding of professional ethics and standards. Workplace expectations are also covered. In many cases, there are student employment opportunities offered during your learning experiences so you can put your CORE Basic training knowledge and skills to work in a clinical setting under supervision.

Are You Ready to Jump Start Your Career with CNA Training Near SeaTac?

American Healthcare CNA School is your local source for CNA classes. We offer high-quality CNA training, including CORE Basic class training, and continuing education courses led by dedicated instructors. If you’re ready to discover the difference that attentive teachers make and learn more about our state-of-the-art video lab learning facilities, contact us today for nursing assistant training details and student resources to help you apply.

Student-Centered CNA Training Near SeaTac

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