Dementia Care Courses for CNAs in Kent: Your Questions Answered

dementia care courses kent

While every patient is unique, those who experience dementia require a more specialized level of care due to the challenging symptoms that may arise. If you’re a nursing assistant who’d like to serve patients with dementia, taking dementia care courses is key to being prepared and improving your employability.

Who decides the curriculum for this class?

The dementia care course offered by nurse assistant schools in Washington is a state-approved program designed to support patients and caregivers. There is an established curriculum that covers day-to-day advice for working CNAs and instructions for helping affected patients manage the tasks of daily living.

How long is the course?

The class is a minimum of six hours long. Students are typically already certified nurse assistants taking the class for continuing education to maintain their professional credentials and improve their appeal to potential employers. Many students enrolled in the class have a passion for caring for these vulnerable adults and want to serve them more effectively.

What will I learn?

The coursework teaches you to care for patients in group care settings as well as home settings. In addition to best practices in helping patients with dementia do things like eat and dress themselves, you’ll also learn how to manage common concerns that are specific to patients with dementia. These include dealing with possible aggression and communicating effectively. 

Are You Seeking Dementia Care Courses Offered Near Kent?

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Convenient Dementia Care Courses for Kent Nurse Assistants

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