What Is a CNA Job in Kenmore Like?

CNA job kenmore

Many people who become certified nursing assistants or CNAs find the work engaging and fulfilling. It makes them feel good to help people, and the qualifications for entry into this career field are relatively quick to obtain. After completing a CNA training program that lasts several weeks and sitting for a licensing exam, you’ll be ready to work. But what is a CNA job like? Here’s a quick overview.

Where CNAs Work

A CNA may be employed anywhere patients need basic nursing care and hands-on assistance with daily tasks. Common employers of CNAs include long-term care and assisted living facilities such as nursing homes or senior communities, hospitals and home healthcare agencies. 

What CNAs Do

CNAs have completed a training program that teaches them how to support the nursing team. Duties may include taking a patient’s vital signs and recording blood pressure, pulse and temperature. CNAs often provide direct care to patients, such as feeding, bathing, grooming and repositioning them. CNAs may also answer patient calls for assistance and alert supervising nurses, if necessary.

How Can CNAs Succeed at Work?

In addition to the required training and licensing exam, CNAs benefit from being physically healthy and able to bend, stretch and lift with confidence. A positive attitude and strong sense of compassion and empathy also help CNAs stand out to employers and patients while making the daily work more rewarding. 

Ready to Take the First Step Toward a CNA Job Near Kenmore?

American Healthcare CNA School offers high-quality CNA classes, CORE Basic class training, and continuing education courses led by dedicated instructors in a state-of-the-art facility. Our students enjoy a broad range of valuable resources, including well-equipped classrooms and labs for practical training. If you want a CNA job, contact us to learn more about enrolling in the next session.

Prepare for a CNA Job with Comprehensive Training Near Kenmore

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